About Sincere Effort

Capability and Strength

Under the competitive environment, we continuously invest in resources to improve the manufacturing facilities and technical know-how.

We shape our values and develop skill-sets to make us competitive and distinctive.


Our In-House Facilities include: (Environmental Certified Facilities Included)

CNC 3D Cutting Machines;
Edge Polishing Machines;
Laser Etching & Cutting Machines;
Plastic Injection Molding Machines;
Sheet Metal Folding; Shaping; Welding & Polishing Machines;   
Silkscreen Printing Facilities;
In-House Powder Coating Workshop;
In-House Wood-Work Workshop.


Our Strength & Capability:

High Level of Flexibility (No MOQ is required);
Innovative Design; Tech-Draw Service & Technical know-how;
On-Site Measurement & Evaluation;
Swift Prototype Turnaround & Short Production Lead Time;
Door to Door Delivery; On-Site Installation & Product Placement;
Experienced Staffs & Well-Managed Quality Control;
Responsive and Sensitive to Customers’ Needs;
6-Month Product Warranty & Maintenance Service*;
Competitive Price plus Professional (Pre & After) Sales Services.

*For Custom-Made POS & POP items only.